Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is how the day started...

It's the weekend of thanksgiving and Black Friday...We decked the halls and then some. My son who is seven years old was so excited.

He even took my camera and did some random documentary of all our decorations...

This is how it ended...and to all a good night!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kamille Burris Shoot

KamilleBurris 007, originally uploaded by AlliezFolliez.

I love lips! That and the perfect eyebrows make me happy!

As you can see Kamille has gorgeous full lips.

One thing to be very sure to do pre-lipstick is a lip sloughing...followed by a rich application of a balm. This will help heal and set up a beautiful canvass for lipstick or gloss or both!

Since I mentioned sloughing one may ask, "how should I do that?" One easy way is to use your toothbrush in the morning or at night. Brush your teeth as usual and then run the bristles along the lips. Either pursed together or one at a time. Whatever your natural MO may be.

Another way is to purchase an actual lip exfoliator. There are different ones and one that sticks out in my mind is Katie B's Mineral Lip Polish. Her's is a white-ish lipstick with speckles in it. That will take off the chafed skin that can build up on the lips just like it does on your body.

I also have recommended Bag Balm. This was originally used on Cow's utters to heal and moisturize during the milking process. It contains an antibiotic and is a rich emollient when used on the delicate skin on the lips as well. It's quite affordable for a large decorative can found at your local drug store. If you can't find it...ask.

*Googling it first will help you envision what to look for.

So next time we meet I will expect to see perfect lips and a perfectly plump pout!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A minute taste of tomorrow's dreams...

Yesterday was a spectacular day!

Ric Hicks and Elle Love Capone were HUGE contributors to that event.

Elle was my muse and Ric, photographer and videographer.

On Elle's right hand are the Stilletto Fantasy Nails and on her left are Minx's Gold Chrome. This photo is just one of the brilliant shots Ric took that day!

A video is soon to come so stay tuned...

For now, take a look at my new Web site For Hampton Roads, VA!


Monday, November 9, 2009

MINX parties are Poppin' UP Everywhere!

But, what the heck is a Minx? A feline of some kind? But, I'm allergic to cats...

NOOOO girls. This is the hottest HOLLYWOOD beat trend!

From Beyonce' to Rhianna to Lady Gaga and all the hollywood hotties...Minx is THE polish alternative and customized to your likings. Your fingers and toes will glisten this holiday season. Fa la la la la la laaaaaaah! You may even make Rudolph a tad bit envious!

Would you like to have a MINX party? Gather up ALL your BFF's and get MINX'ed. A little wine, song and caviar will be a perfect setting while the whole gang glistens from head to toe! Do a gift exchange in the mix as well! What FUN that could be...or, have a spa party. Who doesn't need a little TLC these busy holiday months? Be ON TREND this season with MINX.

Call me to book your next MINX event!


**Minx is a revolutionary solid nail coating that utilizes heat to seal the deal. A new alternative to nail polish, Minx is made of flexible film strips that are applied with heat and pressure. Unlike polish, Minx doesn’t chip, smudge or require drying time, and can be custom made to your liking.

The ULTIMATE fashion accessory, Minx is for the trendsetter who wants to stand out from the crowd. They are not for the shy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


IMG_0124, originally uploaded by AlliezFolliez.

All we need is LOVE, according to john Lennon...i need that and a bit of inspiration. I have been in a funk, a creative FUNK...anybody have any extra mojo out there? NO. Okay then...I'll take some love...thanks.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

AAAAAHHH! The Aroma of Autumn Ahead.

Have you heard the silent whispers of fall beckoning? I love fall. I love the aroma in the air, the crispness of the morning dew. SHHHHH. A tinkling of glitter just fell with a rustle of the leaves…a rustic washed leaf just made it’s way down to comfort me. Yes, “ I am coming” Autumn says.

Color abounds this time of year. As women we are all curious as to how Fashion Week will persuade us in our Hair styles, make up and nails and dress. New York, Milan and Paris are our guidelines from year to year.

As for new bags…python is in. Shiny patent leather of every color and Reptilian styles abound. Boots are everywhere so go treat yourselves to a pair or two!

My expertise lies in nails. Bright bold colors are being released everywhere. CND has a new line coming for fall called Colour and Effects. The line includes 50 rich crème colours that are beautiful and fast drying on there own. Or, add an effect. From fine opalescence and shimmers to the super BLING of Sparkles. Whatever your mood, there’s a perfect EFFECT for you.

When October appears, let’s not forget that this is the pink month. Please support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and wear PINK! OPI has beautiful shades of polish to help you with that. Pink ribbons included.

Another really hot, haute HOT new look is MINX! Beyonce’, Lady Gaga, Rhianna and all the stars are getting MINX’d. The choices are endless…gold and silver to reptilian to lace and more! Customize your outfit with a slinky set of MINX.

With makeup. I am a huge fan of “less is more”…I love a fresh face with a ‘pow’ of lips. The general rule of thumb is to either choose eyes or lips to give that center of attention. If you have beautiful eyes, play them up. Liquid eyeliners come in every color. Bring the line up at the edge of your eyelids for lift, 60’s style. If you feel your lips are the sultry part of your face, play them up with color. Simple is in so apply one of the seasons shimmery glosses. My fave is SuperStay lip color, such as Maybelline’s found everywhere. Try putting a gloss of your choice over it to change the base color. You don’t necessarily have to use the clear gloss it comes with. Your look or mood changes so should your lips.

*Remember to use lip liners (if that’s your thing) that match your lip color. Throughout the day your lipstick may fade. There’s nothing worse than an outline of your lips left standing alone that’s shades darker than the natural hue.

May the fall season find you dressed to a “T” and feeling confident! (uh-oh! Is that Indian Summer I hear at my front door?)

At First Blush
For MINX appts.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My favorite two Aussies!

You've heard them on Army Wives...I've been a fan since waaaay before that. I love the heck outta them!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kamille Appeal!

Kamille has beautiful lips...that's what we focused on with this shoot.

Definitely appealing and alluring Kamille. The feathers are from a mask I made which is also pictured here on my blog a bit further down...I borrowed it from the client I made it for.

Unfortunately the full face mask shots were not chosen for any primo shots...It is a fantastic prop though.

We had fun & hope to do more focused facial features & display sets like these.

All photos by: Gamboa photos
Hair, MU & styling by Allison Stout

Model Shoot: Lovely Janet

This is Janet. A beautifully striking model from Ghana.

Every shot we took of her was phenomenal...she cannot take a bad pic!!!!

We Had a blast with her. We had no pre set plans for her. Just improved everything. The best shoots come from no expectations. We "feel" the model out & she sets the pace...
A very memorable experience & we will surely use her again! Thank you Janet for a great night of studio work!!!

All photos & editing by Mark & Crystal of Gamboa Photos.

All Hair & Makeup by Allison Stout of At First Blush.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Faux Tans to Faux CUPCAKES!!!!

I saw something fun that I wanted to try! So, now I'm addicted...

All calorie free and non-fat! Of course, inedible as well. Just pretty & fun to do. For Easter I made some of the cupcakes into ornaments by putting a wire through the cupcake & beaded it as well & strung it up with ribbon.

The gifts have been well received by all!

Another Successful Shoot!

Robert & Kristyn...a beautiful "couples" shoot!

I concocted a faux tan/bronzer in my laboratory...wanted it to wash off after the shoot. It worked out well...a few tweeking here & there. I am an amateur scientist/chemist...

Robert commands the camera as usual...

Kristyn is gorgeous & adds softness to Rob's angles & stares and abs...don't bypass those!

The bronzer really made his muscles POP!!!

All photos by Mark & Crystal of Gamboa Photos.

All makeup, body bronzing, grooming, hair by moi, Allison of At First Blush.

All models and artist can be found via my Model Mayhem Page if interested!!! Go to:

Model Mayhem

Thanks for stoppin' by...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fat Tuesday & Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!

I would LOVE loVe, LoVe to be in 'Nawlins for Mardi Gras. I believe everyone must go at least once. I am still waiting for my 'once' to come. Til then I will make masks for others to be festive in.

As for Fat Tuesday...i really don't know what that's all about. But, then it reminds me that LENT is near...heehee. I'm not Catholic either, so I am not giving up anything for Lent. Maybe I'll give up Lent for Lent...hope I don't offend anyone.

I digress. Below is a mask i made a while back for a client. WAAAAY down there...keep scrolling. That is if you really must revisit it. I was asked to make a mask for my clients' husband. Of course we had to keep it masculine. No feathers or beading or sparkles. Just studding.