Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another model Shoot!

I live for the love of Makeup, Hair & Nails! This is my voice...my passion.
Courtney, my friend & neighbor & I have been planning this shoot for weeks. Actually, I've been planning it for years long before I let her in on it!
When she moved in I saw her go for her mail at the community box & thought..."Hmmmm, who is this beautiful new girl on the block?" Coming from what I do for a living it was more of a need to have her as my muse.
This is what we did for nine hours on a Sunday afternoon into evening. Gamboa Photos (thanks Mark & Crystal) gave me free reign to do all the things I had going on in my minds eye. I definitely had a Grace Kelly/ Jackie O./ classic starlet theme going on.
I am extremely thrilled to have had such an opportunity to express my art on a beautiful & willing canvass. Thank YOU Courtney!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I got a new website folks!

just wanted to spread the news along!

At First Blush

is up & running. Please go visit.


Thank you Mark & Crystal from Gamboa Photos for your help in creating my new place!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm by trade a "Cosmetologist"

I've been in the beauty biz for over 25 years. Starting to feel like an antique myself!

This is one of the photo shoots I've taken part in lately:

My forte is Makeup and hair as well as nails...including acrylics but not limited to. I love working in the studio or on location.

Visit Gamboa Photos for more of their expertise. And, of course visit Justin Tully to see his modeling/movie/commercials & his awesome BIO...

My other works/art can be found on MySpace...all the bad rap you've heard about MySpace is minimal. I've had nothing but positive come from being there!

Can't stop me now...

I was quite productive yesterday! I did the Japanese Geishas AND the Glisten & Gleam collages. It took a lot outta me! Who knew it would be so...thought provoking. Once I did one thing, I thought of another. So I did multiple canvasses in a molding paste and stamped them & allowed them to dry...

I also experimented with some techniques that I like to think that I thought of. I just was playing "Mad Scientist" and it turned out great! No explosions. And that's a good thing!

Been MIA!

Here's some new collages I've been working on...not sure that they are completely finished yet tho'.

I like the antique-ish look of these. I like to add beeswax but, not to these...yet!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a P.S. for tonight...

My YouTube is here for looking up some great artists & their tutorials. Just type in who or what you are looking for, say, Ranger products or Tim Holtz or ClaudineHellmuth. There are thousands of fun things to make. Try some inspiration today! Ya never know where it may lead. Maybe a new friend. The self you never knew you had!!!!! xoxo, ali


Hanna Banana FiFi FoFanna!

Perfect day to lounge around...no great threats though from "Hanna". It's better that way.

But, before all the media hoopla & warnings of this oncoming tropical storm we took a trip to LOWES.

I purchased some equipment for the greater good of my art...this is my attempt. Always delving into something new to try: COASTERS. Just in time for football season!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Second Day o' skool!

The ideas wake me up at night!

Sound the ALARM! Ali's got crafty crap running through her mind...wish Mom was here with me to help out with the sewing stuff...she's a seamstress/fashionista who does it quietly from home. She can sew. I wish I had her skillz dude!
Mom, me & Dylan

Ok, I digress. It's the second day of school for my youngin'. I kinda like the schedule. It gets me up & dressed & even the five minute stroll to school is nice in the morning. Great for having mini-epiphany's. Of course it has to do with my next creation!

Sew! Maybe I'll try the sewing thing. I do have basic knowledge & have done it before...it intimidates me so that means I must conquer it. But first, I must take it out of it's crypt & dust off the bobbins. Hmmm, does thread go bad?!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Asian Flair Collage

My Asian flair

collage went pretty well. I just love Asian culture. This is more of my "style" but I am still thankful for Claudine to give me another

It teaches me to think outside of my box!! I still have some fine tuning to do. Not necessarily on this collage but in general.

I did some embossing with wax & stamp impressions, randomly...i then applied Rub n Buff in black to make the impressions "pop".

If you look closely you will find a dragonfly & an impression of the word 'prosperity' in chinese, i believe. I have a habit of blending the asian cultures. Japanese with Chinese etc.

So, being all alone can be fruitful. I am pleased with what I did today.

Feeling Rather Productive.

My Baby Boy(left) went to first grade today...instead of feeling older I decided to finish a coupla' projects I started.This one is pictured as incomplete below in a previous blog entry, so I will enter that one first as... COMPLETED!

I added some ribbon all around the edges to add more interest & also to make the collage hang-able.