Monday, November 24, 2008

Bake It Pretty!

Bake It Pretty!

Need some absolutely FUN fUn FuN stuff to make your baked goods & gifts more fun? Bake it Pretty has some great ideas to stir up some ideas & whimsey... go go go there!

Also, to follow Amanda's blogging's, go directly to her Typepad <---at this link! Why not enter the Bake It Pretty drawing to win a gift certificate from the new store...while you're there???!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I's fall! Collage Day!

Breezy Bay

Take Me Away!

I decided to do something beachy today. It's about 40 degrees outside & although I know it's Fall, I am in the mood to create a picture that a client of mine would like. Since Christmas is around the corner I would like to at least start on Hand made gifts. My client would like this as her house has many beachy things from travels to the outer banks, myrtle beach etc...

Breezy Bay...take me carefree days

A little S.O.S hangs on clothes pins. I had fun doing this. I hope the ideas keep coming. Collage's are a new thing for me. I have to remember that there are no wrong ideas...just think outside the box.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Present day Androgeny

Kaitlyn & Courtney

For this shoot we went for ambiguous & androgynous...we had great fun in the role reversal of these two models.

The makeup was subdued until the very end of the nights shoot.

Because I'm not Blog savvy the most glammed pic is top left...we left masculinity behind & blinged these two models out...very femme.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Death by Chocolate

Death By Chocolate...or, is there any better way to go?

These are a bit out of order as we did this in progression...from a bit of a chocolate yearning to full blown chocolate OD & comatose...a lot of fun!

A lovely start...

To "snorting" her drug of choice- CoCoa

All photos done by copyright 2008. Hair & makeup & chocolate art by *Allison Stout

Another shoot-out.

Grooming 101

He really didn't need too much done. But, it is very important that even guys groom & have they're makeup done for pictures.
He has freckles, believe it or not & I downplayed those & evened up skin tone.
If your skin shines under the hot lights it's imperative to have that matted out. Cheekbones & facial structure can be played up with contouring.

It's important to also have nice lips. I just added a bit of balm and he is good to go.
Robert is a handsome fellow! He's aiming for L.A. Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of your shoot.

Trying to play catch up & other News

This is Ariane. Had a great time with this shoot. I did her hair and makeup for all pictures. Mark from Gamboa Photos did the photography.

We started out very Gap-ish & ended in a subtle Goth style.

I am still amazed at what makeup can do.

Thanks Ariane!