Monday, November 9, 2009

MINX parties are Poppin' UP Everywhere!

But, what the heck is a Minx? A feline of some kind? But, I'm allergic to cats...

NOOOO girls. This is the hottest HOLLYWOOD beat trend!

From Beyonce' to Rhianna to Lady Gaga and all the hollywood hotties...Minx is THE polish alternative and customized to your likings. Your fingers and toes will glisten this holiday season. Fa la la la la la laaaaaaah! You may even make Rudolph a tad bit envious!

Would you like to have a MINX party? Gather up ALL your BFF's and get MINX'ed. A little wine, song and caviar will be a perfect setting while the whole gang glistens from head to toe! Do a gift exchange in the mix as well! What FUN that could be...or, have a spa party. Who doesn't need a little TLC these busy holiday months? Be ON TREND this season with MINX.

Call me to book your next MINX event!


**Minx is a revolutionary solid nail coating that utilizes heat to seal the deal. A new alternative to nail polish, Minx is made of flexible film strips that are applied with heat and pressure. Unlike polish, Minx doesn’t chip, smudge or require drying time, and can be custom made to your liking.

The ULTIMATE fashion accessory, Minx is for the trendsetter who wants to stand out from the crowd. They are not for the shy!

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Christine Witt said...

Thank you for posting on the Brush Dance page, Allie.

I love that you describe your blog as multimedia. So many try to be just one thing - but we are all so multi-dimensional! It's refreshing!