Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kamille Appeal!

Kamille has beautiful lips...that's what we focused on with this shoot.

Definitely appealing and alluring Kamille. The feathers are from a mask I made which is also pictured here on my blog a bit further down...I borrowed it from the client I made it for.

Unfortunately the full face mask shots were not chosen for any primo shots...It is a fantastic prop though.

We had fun & hope to do more focused facial features & display sets like these.

All photos by: Gamboa photos
Hair, MU & styling by Allison Stout

Model Shoot: Lovely Janet

This is Janet. A beautifully striking model from Ghana.

Every shot we took of her was phenomenal...she cannot take a bad pic!!!!

We Had a blast with her. We had no pre set plans for her. Just improved everything. The best shoots come from no expectations. We "feel" the model out & she sets the pace...
A very memorable experience & we will surely use her again! Thank you Janet for a great night of studio work!!!

All photos & editing by Mark & Crystal of Gamboa Photos.

All Hair & Makeup by Allison Stout of At First Blush.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Faux Tans to Faux CUPCAKES!!!!

I saw something fun that I wanted to try! So, now I'm addicted...

All calorie free and non-fat! Of course, inedible as well. Just pretty & fun to do. For Easter I made some of the cupcakes into ornaments by putting a wire through the cupcake & beaded it as well & strung it up with ribbon.

The gifts have been well received by all!

Another Successful Shoot!

Robert & Kristyn...a beautiful "couples" shoot!

I concocted a faux tan/bronzer in my laboratory...wanted it to wash off after the shoot. It worked out well...a few tweeking here & there. I am an amateur scientist/chemist...

Robert commands the camera as usual...

Kristyn is gorgeous & adds softness to Rob's angles & stares and abs...don't bypass those!

The bronzer really made his muscles POP!!!

All photos by Mark & Crystal of Gamboa Photos.

All makeup, body bronzing, grooming, hair by moi, Allison of At First Blush.

All models and artist can be found via my Model Mayhem Page if interested!!! Go to:

Model Mayhem

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