Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kamille Burris Shoot

KamilleBurris 007, originally uploaded by AlliezFolliez.

I love lips! That and the perfect eyebrows make me happy!

As you can see Kamille has gorgeous full lips.

One thing to be very sure to do pre-lipstick is a lip sloughing...followed by a rich application of a balm. This will help heal and set up a beautiful canvass for lipstick or gloss or both!

Since I mentioned sloughing one may ask, "how should I do that?" One easy way is to use your toothbrush in the morning or at night. Brush your teeth as usual and then run the bristles along the lips. Either pursed together or one at a time. Whatever your natural MO may be.

Another way is to purchase an actual lip exfoliator. There are different ones and one that sticks out in my mind is Katie B's Mineral Lip Polish. Her's is a white-ish lipstick with speckles in it. That will take off the chafed skin that can build up on the lips just like it does on your body.

I also have recommended Bag Balm. This was originally used on Cow's utters to heal and moisturize during the milking process. It contains an antibiotic and is a rich emollient when used on the delicate skin on the lips as well. It's quite affordable for a large decorative can found at your local drug store. If you can't find it...ask.

*Googling it first will help you envision what to look for.

So next time we meet I will expect to see perfect lips and a perfectly plump pout!

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