Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another model Shoot!

I live for the love of Makeup, Hair & Nails! This is my voice...my passion.
Courtney, my friend & neighbor & I have been planning this shoot for weeks. Actually, I've been planning it for years long before I let her in on it!
When she moved in I saw her go for her mail at the community box & thought..."Hmmmm, who is this beautiful new girl on the block?" Coming from what I do for a living it was more of a need to have her as my muse.
This is what we did for nine hours on a Sunday afternoon into evening. Gamboa Photos (thanks Mark & Crystal) gave me free reign to do all the things I had going on in my minds eye. I definitely had a Grace Kelly/ Jackie O./ classic starlet theme going on.
I am extremely thrilled to have had such an opportunity to express my art on a beautiful & willing canvass. Thank YOU Courtney!

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