Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Second Day o' skool!

The ideas wake me up at night!

Sound the ALARM! Ali's got crafty crap running through her mind...wish Mom was here with me to help out with the sewing stuff...she's a seamstress/fashionista who does it quietly from home. She can sew. I wish I had her skillz dude!
Mom, me & Dylan

Ok, I digress. It's the second day of school for my youngin'. I kinda like the schedule. It gets me up & dressed & even the five minute stroll to school is nice in the morning. Great for having mini-epiphany's. Of course it has to do with my next creation!

Sew! Maybe I'll try the sewing thing. I do have basic knowledge & have done it intimidates me so that means I must conquer it. But first, I must take it out of it's crypt & dust off the bobbins. Hmmm, does thread go bad?!

Wish me luck!

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