Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a wedding it was!!!!!

September and any of the Autumn months have to be the best time for a wedding...the colors in the Hudson Valley are breathtaking!

My bride, Kristy, had a perfect day.  Her sisters had their hair done first...of course the bride is last but, most important, to spend as much time on as necessary to be precisely princess-like.

I will be adding photos of her ASAP and for now I am adding these shots for a quick reference as to how I do my art and passion...Makeup, Hair and Nails!

Male Grooming is just as important for the GROOM and his best man and Ushers...a manicure is suggested as those hand/ring shots will be out there forever!  I call them "Men-icures", very masculine and without polish...just a bit of buffing to create a nice healthy looking nail.

As far as hair and Grooming (sans makeup if you will) is a plus to enhance the pictures and the bride likes to see her future husband as handsome as possible too on the wedding day.

More photos for the portfolio!  

Let's give a shout out to the MINX-es...

Minx-ing is a wonderful and trendy way to glam up your wedding manicure! So many choices and varieties to choose from. 

I do it all ladies and gents...from start to finish I can make your special day complete...

Model Mayhem Site

My e-mail as well!

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From conservative to avant garde, we can do it!!!

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